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Chakana is a non-commercial association that aims to generate an emotional and transpersonal growth in our society. In workshops, performances and lectures we approach the theme of reconnection with the earth and our emotions. The aim is to shift our attention from our intellectual body to our emotions and from there to perceive things from a different perspective. The association acts as a community platform in Zurich and offers a broad cultural spectrum, such as concerts, parties, readings, exhibitions, shadow theatres, film evenings and workshops in the fields of yoga, meditation, music and dance. At Chakana, both local and international artists have a platform to present and share their performances and knowledge.






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Casa Yungay is a convergence space where experimentation and creation of new sounds and artistic expressions find a suitable place to evolve. Interventing houses of the neighborhood Yungay, in Santiago de Chile. Heritage, art and technology are the pillars of this project.






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Festival Nomade is held in Mapulahual, a majestic part of the ancestral lands of the Huilliche indigenous community, Southern Chile. The festival promotes the relationship to nature, but also to promote ethnotourism – benefitting the local community by bringing tourism and capital to their small settlement. Locals participate in the festival by selling homemade food and market goods. The music experience is bringing the best Andes step music scene of the world to a sacred beach.



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“Culturas la Paz y el agua” is an event that tries to raise awareness, train, unify and awaken in people the art of living in peace and harmony with Mother Nature, through workshops, talks, stands, and especially music.

The concept was developed in the Uco Valley, Mendoya, Argentina. At the foot of the Andes where rivers are born, on the day of the 22nd of March - the International Day of Water.

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