Usted Señálemelo

Usted Señalemelo is an Argentinean band, of the province of Mendoza which has been operating for 10 years. training. Its original members are Juan Saieg (vocals and synths), Gabriel Orozco (guitar and choirs), Lucca Beguerie Petrich (drums), live complete formation with Sasha Nazar in bass and Gaston Ramos on second guitar and synths.Its members are no […]


Persona is the recently released solo project of Roman Sebastian, Chilean producer also top projects as Follakzoid, MKRNI, and Roman & Castro. He is one of the mains Santiago’s currently groundbreaking scene. Persona`s sound brings deep ambiance and caverns atmosphere, sci-fi abstract unreal moments, bass music steps and also huge techno and tribal beats to […]


DJ and producer Fosky evolved from rising talent to essential player on the modern house scene with both speed and personality. Killer productions for Crosstown Rebels, Desolat, Intec, VIVa MUSiC and Circus alongside standout DJ performances at Sonar and WMC propelled him from burgeoning apprentice to the real deal in just a couple of short, […]


If we speak about electronic dance music and think in a South American, spot our minds will quickly aim to Argentina. Place where Mariano needs no introduction. Driven by a deep hypnotic flow and soft mixing skills, also captivated minds and souls in leading clubs and festivals all over the world. A constant student of new […]


Lagartijeando is the name of the producer, musician, and DJ Mati Zundel. Born, raised and currently living in a small town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires called Dolores. From a very early age, he was musically curious— experimenting with percussion, charango, guitar, bass, voice, and beyond. Strongly influenced by his travels through Latin America, […]

Ramona Wonters

Ramona’s sound weaves together a tapestry of melodies, textures and beats, reflecting two decades of extensive world travel. Always conscious of the energy of her audience, her sensitivity stems from a love of dancing, and results in an emotive, sensual style that exudes a rich array of feeling. It is Ramona’s way of giving back and getting back to […]


It is the duo integrated by Miguel Dahbar (ARG) and Alexis Cabrera (ARG) at the end of 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Inspired by the rhythmic trips of the Andes and Central America, they began to fuse that essence with electronic instruments, afro-latin percussions, guitar, and soundscapes. Conditioned by their fantastic and emotional narrative, the performance travels through experimental […]

Alma Omega

Alma ∞ Omega is a weaver, dreamer & believer in the New-Frontier-forHumanity: a mid-wife to new cultures, connections and Through her work withrealities that long to be born with joy, interdependence & respect into this world. She has been studying and deepening her knowledge of the healing-realms for the past 20 years, ALONGSIDE her passion & love for underground-electronic-music, […]


Jkson is an artist that’s constantly learning and evolving.His performances contain natural atmospheres, native voices and endless organic textures,accompanied by synthesizers, drum machines and deep basses. Generating eclectic sound journeys going from sound healing meditation, to downtempo to deep techno, with world music influences. ​


Faauna was originally born as Fauna in the city of Mendoza in 2004 by Cristian Del Negro and Federico Rodríguez (Catar Sys), both friends and producers of electronic music, mainly jungle and drum and bass. In 2008, with ZZK Records, they released their first album “La Manita de Fauna” and embarked on a tour of 14 […]